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Important Testing Information

Be advised that testing information is tentative and subject to change. Current cost for testing is $70 (cash or check) and is due once you arrive to take your exam. This is subject to change in September each year.

Students testing in Troy, AL ONLY:
You should bring two forms of identification (one must be a photo ID, excluding credit cards with photos). A Social Security Number is REQUIRED (or VISA numbers for International students without a Social Security Number). No more than 30 tests will be administered on each testing date. You should plan to arrive no later than 2:15 PM the day of testing. It is necessary to begin the registration process by 2:15 PM in order to ensure testing begins promptly at 3 PM. Actual testing time is 60 minutes; however you should allow approximately two hours for the test. You should receive a score within three-four weeks.

Step 1: Student Information
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Step 2: Test Information
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