ADA Statement

Troy University supports Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, which insure that postsecondary students with disabilities have equal access to all academic programs, physical access to all buildings, facilities and events, and are not discriminated against on the basis of disability. Eligible students, with appropriate documentation, will be provided equal opportunity to demonstrate their academic skills and potential through the provision of academic adaptations and reasonable accommodations. Further information, including appropriate contact information, can be found at the following link:


Although the publisher of this Schedule of Classes has made every reasonable effort to attain factual accuracy herein, no responsibility is assumed for editorial, clerical, or printing errors, or errors occasioned by honest mistakes. All information contained in this publication is subject to change by the appropriate officials of Troy University without prior notice. Troy University also reserves the right to cancel any class without prior notice.

Special Notes

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Proctored Exams

Some courses have proctored exams. If you register for a proctored exam course you will be required to take one proctored exam in that course. For more information about proctored exams, please visit the TROY Online Testing page.

CourseCourse TitleInstructorProctored Exam?PrerequisitesRemarks
ACT 6698 XTIA Advanced Auditing Khamis Bilbeisi Yes All business foundation courses or equivalent and ACT 3391, ACT 3392, ACT 3394, ACT 3396, ACT 4494, ACT 4495 and ACT 4497.
LAW 6600 XTIA Business Law for Accountants Cleophus Gaines Yes LAW 2221 or equivalent and all business foundation courses or equivalent.
TAX 6690 XTIA State and Local Taxation Cleophus Gaines Yes